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July 17, 2011 / digimonmasters

Digimon Masters Crash – CS Message

Digimon Masters Error  CS- Message

Hello, digimon masters patch episode July sometimes get error cs message..

it will view error like this :

How can we fix it??

it’s easy, you shoul patch again your digimon from last version before it..

Go to your Digimon address installer, for example i install in “C:\Digitalic\DigimonMastersOnline”

Then go to folder “LauncherLib” this contain files name “vDMO.ini”.

Open it and Chnage version to the last before.. If now your version is 292, change it to 288.. Why 288?? because the last patch last week start from 288.  It will make your digimon patching again one more times..

It  is work 😀



i have update for July 30, 2011 :

There is after update digimon masters periode 28 July 2011, sometimes we got digimon masters csmessage alert show then our application will closed. to avoid this some programmer create Digimon Masters Multi Client Application, with this file you will no get digimon masters csmessage notification again. Check this link :



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  1. Jorge Chew / Jul 30 2011 7:06 am

    mine still gets the Cs message ~_~

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