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August 16, 2011 / digimonmasters

EDMO – Digimon Masters Character

Digimon Masters Online Character

in digimon english version that released by joymax August 9, 2011 there are three (3) characters available from total four characters. They are Marcus Damon, Thomas H.Norstein, Yoshino Fujieda are available. and Additional character that not available yet is ikuto.

Each character has different specially and status. But for the basicly they are all good. Just choose with your favourite hunt condition. If you are prefer attack status you can choose Marcus with high Attack. If you are prefer long fight you can choose Yoshino with more DS (digi soul). So i can say every character is good.

Look at this status, and choose which character that better for you 😀

edmo marcus damon status

edmo thomas h einstein status

edmo yoshino fujieda status

Marcus Damon has great attack power. good for fast hunting. but low at health point, he can’t use for long hunt.

Thomas H.Norstein has a lot of Health point (hp) good for fight with digimon that has high attack.

Yoshino Fujieda has good Digi soul (ds) it can fight with more skill.

and the next character is Ikuto. here is his status :

edmo ikuto status

and you can choose partner digimon for free. You can choose Yoshino at your character but you still can choose agumon x as starter or lalamon, falcomon, and gaomon. But falcomon is not avalable for now.. maybe next update Ikuto and falcomon will be avalable 😀

They are digimon starter picture. look at this :

digimon masters partner agumon x lalamon falcomon gaomon

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