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July 25, 2011 / digimonmasters

Machinedramon Damage

machinedramon evolution line

Hello digimon masters online lovers..

Machinedramon is my favourite digimon here, maybe some people call it mugendramon. Then i’ll share information about this digi. This digimon evolution line is :

Hagururumon -> Mekanorimon -> Megadramon -> Machinedramon

How do we get machinedramon in digimon masters online?? You need hagururumon line mekanorimon Egg to hatch this digimon.

How can i get this Egg?? You can get Hagururumon egg from killing Megadramon in “Desolated Ruin”. It’s located in top east map at western town area. I your digimon level is 30 or below, don’t try to fight with megadramon, it’s rather dificult 😀

This digimon is Rock Type digimon, so you can inject with Rock Chip, need 5 rock chip every inject.


It’s hard to leveling this digimon at start, because hagururumon damage f1 is very low. But It has very good defense, so don’t worry about your digimon HP. This is screenshoot about F1 and f2 damage :

hagururumon f1  damage

hagururumon f2 damage


Mekanorimon is also has Great Defense. But it has low f1 damage at beginning, check this picture if you want know about mekanorimon f1 and f2 damage :

mekanorimon f1 damage

mekanorimon f2 damage


if you hatch 4/5 hagururumon egg, you megadramon will looks very tall ^—^ i can’t imagine if i hatch 5/5 egg in 130% height.. whahahahaha…  This is megadramon f1 and f2 damage,  f2 damage will cost very much MP. it’s suck.. bbbrrrr…. check it out :

megadramon f1 damage

megadramon f2 damage

Finally Machinedramon

Yes, this the coolest digimon ever i meet here.. ehehhehee… Machinedramon is very huge digimon here. and f2 skill is good enogh to kill enemy 😀 look at this picture dude :

machinedramon f1 damage

machinedramon f2 damage



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  1. DragneeL / Aug 8 2011 12:26 am

    nice info, I’m going to buy Hagurumon (meka) by summer coin, have no luck with normal eggs I try to hatch, and, man Megadramon’s DigiEgg (hatchable) drop rate is suck

    • digimonmasters / Aug 10 2011 1:26 am

      mekanrorimon drop egg is normal i guest..
      but how to hatch is the worse..

      i got 76 Hagururumon Eggs (meka line)..
      but only 2 pcs that can hatch in 4/5.. bbbrrrr…

  2. Tessa / Nov 28 2011 7:58 pm

    thank you for the info :3

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